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Azure Storage Deep Dive for Developers

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Overview
Azure Storage overview
Azure Storage in the Azure portal
Azure Storage Explorer

2. Security
Shared key authentication
Shared access signatures
Encryption at rest

3. Deployment
Azure CLI
Local emulator

4. Azure Storage Files
Introduction to Azure storage files
Azure storage files and net use
Connecting to Azure storage files
Querying Azure storage files
Combining REST and SMB
Shared access signatures with files

5. Azure Storage Queues
Introduction to Azure storage queues
Queue concepts
Queue XML
Queue visible time property
Queue metadata
Queue access control (SAS)
Queue performance considerations
Common patterns

6. Azure Storage Blobs
Introduction to Azure storage blobs
Connecting to blob containers
Working with append blobs
Working with block blobs
Working with a lease
Blob access control (SAS)
Blob performance considerations

7. Azure Storage Tables
Introduction to Azure storage tables
Connecting to and creating a table
Creating entities
Querying tables
Schemaless queries
Azure Cosmos DB
Table performance considerations

Next steps