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Azure Quick Tips for Developers

Azure quick tips overview

1. Azure Quick Tips for Developers
Create resource group from portal
Customize a default view in the portal
Customize favorites in the portal toolbar
Create a custom report of RGs by tag value
Use multiple accounts in the portal
Add a guest user to the Azure subscription
Create a report of users
Use bulk operations to manage users
Check a user's access in Azure
Create a custom dashboard
Share the dashboard with operations
Extract an ARM template from a resource group
Dashboard from quickstart templates
ARM template from deployment
Clean up resources in a resource group
Delete a resource group
Create a basic blueprint
Assign a blueprint to grant access to RG
Visual Studio's resource group project
Use a policy to enforce tagging
Configure scaling for an App Service
Add an auto-scale rule to App Service
Automate backups for App Service
Restore App Service from a backup
Diagnose and solve App Service problems
Set up Azure DevOps from the portal
Azure Storage Explorer
Reset service principal credentials
Enable dynamic data masking in SQL Azure
Dynamically scale a SQL Azure database