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Azure Data Studio Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Manage SQL Server with Azure Data Studio
What you should know

1. Get Started
What is Azure Data Studio?
Install Azure Data Studio on macOS
Install Azure Data Studio on Linux
Install Azure Data Studio on Windows

2. Manage SQL Server Connections
Gather server details
Run SQL Server on Docker
Connect to a SQL Server instance
Connect to Azure SQL Database
Tour the Data Studio interface
Organize connections with groups
Back up a database
Restore a backup

3. The Transact-SQL Editor
Write SQL queries
Edit tabular data
Obtain execution details
Output results to external files
View results as a chart
Quick scripts with code snippets
Create custom snippets

4. Additional Sidebars
External files and the Explorer sidebar
Search objects
Source control with Git
Add functionality with extensions

5. Leverage Insight Widgets
What are insights?
Performance monitoring insight
Table space usage insight
Create a custom insight dashboard

6. Customize the Workspace
Color and Icon themes
Adjust user and workspace settings
Edit keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard control with Command Palette
Focus on productivity in Zen mode

7. Use the Integrated Terminal
Terminal basics
Adjust display settings

Next steps