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AWS for DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Process Automation


What you should know
Exercise files
About using cloud services

1. Continuous Delivery (CD) and Automation Approaches

About AWS Application Automation
Automation tool types
Continuous delivery defined
Source control systems
Types of testing
Types of deployments
CD and serverless architectures

2. CD and Automation with Core AWS Services

AWS automation services
Using AWS CodeStar
Update code from IDE and CodeStar
Using CloudFormation templates
About CodeCommit users
Using CodeCommit
Using CodeBuild
Using CodeDeploy
Using CodePipeline
Using OpsWorks
Understand Config and Service Catalog

3. Using AWS Tools for Advanced CD and Automation

AWS automation tools and services
Using CloudWatch for automation
Set up and use the AWS CLI for automation
Code tools for CD and automation
Set up and use the AWS SDK for Node.js

4. Advanced and Third-Party Tools

Understand third-party automation tools
Understand third-party CD tools
Infrastructure as code
Practices, metrics, and patterns


Next steps

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