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AWS for Developers: Simple Email Service (SES)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Simple Email Service (SES) for sending cheap and reliable email
Course organization

1. Set Up SES with the SMTP Interface
Set up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for your domain
What is DKIM and Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?
How do I check my DNS records?
Verify your email address with SES
Send email through Amazon SES with SMTP

2. Send Email from WordPress Using SES
How WordPress sends email
Using WP Mail SMTP
Send newsletters from WordPress with SES

3. Staying Off Probation with SES
Track SES usage with CloudWatch
Set up a probation warning alert
SES bounce notifications with Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Hard vs. soft bounces in SES
Rejected and undelivered messages in SES
Reduce bounces and complaints in SES
Move out of the SES sandbox

4. Handling Bounces Automatically with SNS and Lambda
Lambda functions to handle SES bounces
Lambda for SES to a MySQL database

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