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Avid Media Composer 7 Essential Training

Using the exercise files
Check it out: Overview of changes from version 6 to 7 (NEW)

1. Overview of the Editing Environment
Touring the Select Project window
Exploring bins
Customizing user settings
Setting up and organizing a project
Saving and backing up the project

2. Basic Editing: Building the Rough Cut
Touring the Composer Monitor and the Timeline
Touring the Edit interface
Splicing shots
Splicing non-linearly
Overwriting shots
Removing shots using Extract and Lift
Using Segment mode (Extract/Splice) to switch shots
Using Segment mode (Lift/Overwrite) to move shots
Using Extract/Splice and Lift/Overwrite together
Manipulating the Timeline directly
Creating subclips and subsequences
Adding multiple video and audio tracks

3. Refining the Edit: Using Trim
Understanding trimming
Performing single-roller trims
Performing dual-roller trims
Using Ripple Trim and Overwrite Trim
Understanding sync

4. Organization and Customization
Navigating with JKL
Using navigation shortcuts
Using the Command palette
Customizing the Timeline
Using bin layouts
Using workspaces
Sorting and sifting clips
Using the Find tool
Using markers
Using PhraseFind
Using ScriptSync

5. Intermediate Editing: Beyond the Rough Cut
Trimming with JKL
Performing Slip edits
Performing Slide edits
Performing Replace edits

6. Basic Audio Mixing
Reading audio levels and pan (NEW)
Adjusting audio levels in the Timeline (NEW)
Using the audio mixer (NEW)
Keyframing audio (NEW)
Adjusting audio EQ and removing background noise (NEW)

7. Basic Effects
Using Quick Transition effects
Using the Transition Manipulation tool
Using the Effects palette and the Effect Editor
Keyframing segment effects
Nesting and auto-nesting
Saving effect templates
Building basic composites using vertical effects
Using the picture-in-picture (PIP) effect
Using the Color effect
Creating basic motion effects
Using Timewarp

8. Basic Rendering and System Performance
Understanding system performance
Rendering intelligently

9. Basic Color Correction
Analyzing footage for problems
Using the Y-Waveform monitor to set whites and blacks
Using the RGB Parade to correct color casts
Using the Vectorscope to improve skin tones
Using auto color correction

10. Creating Titles with Avid Marquee
Formatting and enhancing text using Avid Marquee
Using Marquee to apply shapes and gradients
Using title templates
Bringing the title into Media Composer
Revising the title
Creating rolling and crawling titles
Using AutoTitler

11. Capturing and Importing
Importing files
Linking to files using Avid Media Access (AMA) (NEW)
Linking to hi-res stills
Working with FrameFlex (NEW)
Using the Avid Marketplace
Using the Capture tool
Capturing footage
Batch capturing

12. Managing Media
Deleting material from the bin
Understanding the Media tool
Deleting unreferenced clips

13. Outputting Media
Preparing your sequence for output
Performing a digital cut
Exporting your sequence as a file

14. Troubleshooting
Solving offline media
Relinking media (NEW)
Resetting Avid settings
Using the Avid Attic

Additional resources