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AutoCAD: Working with Drawings Exported From Revit

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Introduction: Exporting a Drawing from Revit

Exporting a drawing from Revit
The DWG Export dialog box
Revit settings for CAD drawing export
Managing Revit CAD export settings

2. Exporting the CAD Drawing

Layer settings when exporting a drawing from Revit
External references in a drawing exported from Revit
Coordinates in the exported CAD drawings
Text styles in the exported CAD drawing

3. Working with Exported CAD Layers

Revit export setups for DWG and DXF
Using a known CAD standard (BS 1192)
Layer naming philosophies
Using the exported CAD drawing layers in AutoCAD

4. Working with Exported External References (XREFs)

Revit viewports
Working with the exported XREFs in AutoCAD
XREF file management in AutoCAD
Editing the XREFs in AutoCAD

5. Working with Coordinates in the Exported CAD Drawing

Confirming site survey coordinates in Revit
Using shared export coordinates in Revit
Using the AutoCAD ID command
Positioning the exported CAD drawing correctly

6. Working with Text Styles in the Exported CAD Drawing

Checking text styles in the CAD drawing
Setting up a new AutoCAD text style
Using the new AutoCAD text style
Converting to a new AutoCAD text style with Quick Select

7. Using Title Blocks in the Exported CAD Drawing

Exploding the reference file in the exported CAD file
Editing the title block
Editing title block elements

8. Finalizing the Exported CAD Drawing

Using PURGE for housekeeping
Setting the VIEWPORTS layer not to plot
Setting up page setups
Saving the exported CAD drawing with a new filename
Plotting the finished CAD drawing


Next steps

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