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AutoCAD P&ID Essential Training: User

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Getting Started

Locating and opening your P&ID project
Opening a P&ID drawing file
Setting up the P&ID workspace
Understanding the P&ID ribbon menu
Understanding the P&ID tool palette
Understanding Project Manager
Using the AutoCAD Properties dialog box
Using on-screen tools

2. Working with P&ID Drawing Files

Creating a new P&ID drawing file
Importing an existing P&ID file to the project
Renaming drawing files
Locating missing drawing files
Updating drawing information using the Drawing Properties dialog box

3. Equipment

Inserting equipment and assigning tag information
Copying equipment
Adding annotation to your equipment
Modifying existing P&ID blocks
Understanding equipment tags and equipment InfoTags
Understanding parent/child equipment tags
Adding nozzles to your equipment drawing files

4. Piping

Creating pipe lines and assigning tag lines
Attaching and disconnecting pipe lines to a component
Understanding the difference between line groups and line segments
Adding and removing a pipe line to a line group
Adding line segments to an existing pipe line
Creating and removing a pipe line gap
Reversing the flow of a pipe line
Adding and removing corners to a pipe line
Connecting and disconnecting pipe lines
Changing your P&ID layout

5. Valves and Inline Components

Inserting a valve on a pipe line
Assigning tag information to your valve
Substituting valve body types
Moving a valve to a different pipe line
Copying a valve
Placing reducers on your pipe line
Placing spec breaks or other segment breakers on your pipe line

6. Instrumentation

Adding instrumentation to your P&ID
Placing control valves

7. Creating Custom P&ID Symbols

Understanding P&ID classes
Creating a one-off P&ID symbol

8. Offpage Connectors

Adding and removing offpage connectors
Creating connections between offpage connectors
Understanding connection properties

9. Understanding Tagging

Understanding tagging concepts
Finding existing tags
Linking multiple symbols to a single tag

10. Understanding Annotation

Understanding the relationship between tag data and annotation
Creating multiple annotations on a single component

11. Data Manager

Data Manager overview
Modifying tag data using Data Manager
Using Data Manager filters
Locating components in a P&ID drawing using Data Manager
Importing and exporting data to Excel
Generating a valve report from Data Manager reports

12. Project Tools

Data Validation tool
Auditing and compressing
Exporting to AutoCAD

13. Report Creator

Report Creator overview


Next steps