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AutoCAD P&ID Essential Training: Administrator

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should already know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started

Project Manager overview
Project Setup interface
Understand P&ID class definitions
Understand projSymbolStyle.dwg
Drawing properties vs. project properties

2. Create a New Project

Create a new out-of-the-box project
Create a new project from a template
Create a duplicate project

3. File Management

Understand the P&ID folder structure
Rename drawing files
Reorganize DWG files in Windows Explorer
Modify drawing properties

4. Set Up Your Project

End connections and line settings
Set up P&ID project paths
Configure the file name format
Use drawing templates
Lock project properties

5. Custom Project Properties

Create a custom project property
Create a custom drawing property
Add a custom field to your title block

6. Create Custom P&ID Symbols

Review the class hierarchy
Create a new P&ID block and assign a class
Set symbol properties
Understand attachment points and flow dependency
Understand selection lists
Set a default tag format

7. Create Custom Component Tags

Create a custom equipment tag format
Create a custom pipeline tag format
Set a default custom pipeline tag

8. Create Custom Annotation

Understand annotation blocks
Modify an existing annotation block
Create a custom annotation block
Set annotation properties

9. Modify Existing Symbols

Create a new one-off symbol
Make a one-time modification to an existing symbol
Permanently modify an existing symbol
Create two different symbols for a component

10. Drawing Templates

Understand drawing templates
Set layers, fonts, and linetypes
Add data fields to the title block

11. Project Tools

Data Validation tool
Audit your project database
Export to AutoCAD

12. Data Manager

Generate default project reports
Modify default project reports
Create a custom report
Configure import and export settings
Create custom Data Manager views

13. Report Creator

Explore the user interface
Understand report configuration files
Create custom reports and queries
Edit your report layout


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