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AutoCAD Mobile App

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Introducing AutoCAD in the Cloud
The Autodesk Cloud
A360 Drive and A360
AutoCAD 360 web
AutoCAD mobile app

2. Setting Up Cloud Settings in AutoCAD
Your Autodesk ID
Your A360 Drive
The Online Options tab
The A360 ribbon tab
Syncing your settings

3. A360 Drive
Locating files on A360 Drive
Files tab
Recent Activity tab
Creating subfolders
Uploading a document

4. A360 Drive: Uploading a Document
Selecting a file
Dragging and dropping files
Uploading multiple files
Organizing your files in to subfolders
Your file naming structure

5. A360: Projects
Logging in
Setting up a project
Adding your team
Adding documents

6. Adding a Drawing to A360 Drive
Saving the drawing to the local sync folder
Finding the drawing in A360 Drive
Previewing the drawing in A360 Drive using the Viewer
Commenting on an existing A360 drawing

7. Mobilizing the AutoCAD Desktop
Making an AutoCAD DWG ready for A360
Using Design Feed to collaborate
Highlighting drawing areas of interest
Adding photographs to enhance Design Feed input

8. Making Changes While Mobile
Getting started with the AutoCAD mobile app
Editing the drawing while mobile
Adding comments via Design Feed

9. Working with the Synced Drawing
Getting back to the desktop
Downloading the changes and comments
Editing and saving the drawing

Next steps

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