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lynda AutoCAD Map 3D 2022 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Unlock the power of 3D mapping in AutoCAD

1. Adding Your Own Data Attributes :
Creating object data definitions
Attaching object data to AutoCAD objects
Modifying object data

2. Connecting Databases :
Connect to a database
Link database to AutoCAD objects

3. Using Project Drawings :
Attaching source drawings
Performing location queries
Performing property queries
Performing object data queries
Performing database queries

4. Adding Images :
Adding raster images
Modifying raster images

5. Styling AutoCAD Objects :
Adding drawing data in Display Manager
Styling drawing data in Display Manager

6. Import and Exporting GIS Data :
Importing GIS data
Exporting GIS data

7. Connecting to GIS Data :
Connecting to file-based vector data
Connecting to raster data
Connecting to raster surfaces
Connecting to ODBC points
Using Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS
Adding images using the WMTS service

8. Stylizing GIS Data :
Stylizing vector layers
Thematic vector layers
Adding scale dependence
Filtering vector layers
Stylizing raster layers

9. Editing GIS Data :
Add using existing AutoCAD objects
Load using existing AutoCAD objects
Draw new features from scratch
Bulk copy between GIS data sources

10. Analyzing GIS Data :
GIS joins
Buffer analysis
Overlay analysis
Calculated properties

11. Merging and Splitting GIS Data :
Splitting GIS data
Merging GIS data

12. Using Coordinate Systems :
Assigning coordinate systems
Reprojecting AutoCAD data
Reprojecting GIS data

13. Publishing Map Books :
Preparing a map book
Create and publish a map book

Conclusion :
Next steps