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AutoCAD: Developing CAD Standards

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Introduction: Using CAD Standards

The purpose of standards in AutoCAD
Using standards in AutoCAD
Setting up standards in AutoCAD

2. Various Standards in AutoCAD

Using layer standards in AutoCAD
Using text style standards in AutoCAD
Using dimension style standards in AutoCAD
Using multileader style standards in AutoCAD
Documenting standards for internal use

3. Industry Standards in AutoCAD

United States National CAD Standard (US NCS)
US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
AEC (UK) CAD and BIM Standards
BIMuk BS1192:2007

4. Using the AutoCAD Drawing Standards File (DWS)

Named objects for standards checking
Creating a standards file (DWS)
Running a standards audit
Using standards plugins
Changing standards settings

5. Creating a Standard AutoCAD Metric Template (Model)

Setting up standard layers
Setting up standard units
Setting up standard text styles
Setting up a standard dimension style
Setting up a standard multileader style

6. Creating a Standard AutoCAD Metric Template (Layout)

Setting up a standard title block
Setting a page setup
Setting up a default viewport
Saving the DWG file as a template file (DWT)

7. Developing an AutoCAD Drawing from the DWT File

Opening a new drawing from a DWT file
Using the standardized settings to create drawing content
Annotating to standardized settings
Dimensioning to standardized settings
Using annotative scaling

8. Using a Standards File (DWS) to Audit the Drawing

Checking all standardized settings
Configuring the standards in the DWS file
Checking the DWG against the DWS file
Checking standards violations
Using the Layer Translator to set standardized layers
Finding the layer translation log file

9. Publishing the Checked DWG

Working with the page setup
Using the Publish command (batch plotting)
Using the eTransmit command
Publishing out to a PDF file
Publishing out to a DWF file


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