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AutoCAD Civil 3D: Pressure Pipe Design

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files

1. Understanding Pressure Networks

Understanding pressure systems
Civil 3D and pressure systems
Understanding pressure pipes
Understanding pressure fittings
Understanding pressure appurtenances
Understanding the parts list

2. Creating Pressure Networks

Creating a pressure network from objects
Creating pipes by layout
Creating fittings by layout
Creating appurtenances
Drawing a pressure network in profile view
Creating an alignment from a pressure network

3. Editing Pressure Networks

Editing fittings using grips
Editing pipes using grips
Editing graphically in profile view
Editing using the layout tools
Adding pipes and fittings in profile
More profile layout tools
Editing pressure networks in Panorama

4. Displaying and Labeling Pressure Networks

Understanding pressure network styles
Controlling the display of fittings
Controlling the display of pipes
Controlling the display of appurtenances
Adding labels in plan view
Editing labels in plan view
Adding labels in profile view
Editing labels in profile view
Creating pressure network tables

5. Working with Parts Lists

Understanding the parts list
Creating a new parts list
Adding part families
Adding pipes to a parts list
Adding fittings and appurtenances to a parts list
Configuring parts

6. Analyzing a Pressure Network

Performing a depth check
Performing a design check
Adding pay items to a parts list
Performing a quantity takeoff
Adding pay items to individual components


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