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lynda AutoCAD 2022 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The essentials of AutoCAD
The advantages of using AutoCAD
What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
The new AutoCAD 2022 interface

1. Using Units and Options :
Setting drawing units
Setting options
Objects using different units
Working with templates: DWT

2. Drawing More Objects :
Rectangles and polygons
Points and donuts
Isometric views and elliptical arcs

3. Modifying Objects :
Selecting objects
Using Offset and Mirror
Using Move and Copy
Using Rotate and Scale
Creating and using arrays
Using Stretch and Lengthen
Using Trim and Extend
Using Break and Join
Using grips and grip editing
Using Boundaries
Using Selection Cycling
Using Fillet and Chamfer
Using Divide and Measure
Editing polylines and splines

4. Hatching and Gradients :
Using the Hatch command
Using the Gradient command
Editing hatches and gradients

5. More Text Techniques :
Aligning text
Framing text in a title block

6. More Dimensioning Techniques :
Editing dimensions and dimension overrides
Using Continue and Baseline
Breaking and spacing dimensions
Automatic dimensioning
Using multileaders

7. Reusing Content :
Using groups
Creating and inserting a block
Using the EXPLODE command
Redefining a block definition
Creating a simple dynamic block

8. Attributes and Tables :
Creating a simple block with attributes
Enhanced Attribute Editor
Working with table styles
Designing a table
Adding fields to a table

9. External References (XRefs) :
Working with XRefs
Attaching and overlaying XRefs
Clipping XRefs
Editing XRefs
Editing XRefs in-place

Conclusion :
Conclusion and summary
Where to next?