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AutoCAD 2014 Essential Training: 2 Drawing Fundamentals

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files
Converting units from Imperial to Metric

1. Creating Basic Geometry
Constructing lines
Locking angles using Ortho and Polar
Drawing circles
Activating the heads-up display

2. Understanding Drawing Units
Defining a unit of measure
Drawing in architectural units
Working with metric units

3. Maintaining Accuracy
Understanding the Cartesian coordinate system
Locking to geometry using object snaps
Automating object snap selection
Using temporary tracking

4. Using Specialized Drawing Commands
Drawing rectangles
Drawing polygons
Creating an ellipse
Applying hatch patterns

5. Making Primary Modifications
Revising geometry using the Properties palette
Moving and copying elements
Rotating elements
Trimming and extending geometry
Creating offsets
Erasing elements
Undoing and redoing actions

6. Checking Your Skills
Intro to creating a small part
Demonstrating creating a small part