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Audition CC 2017 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


Exercise files

1. Getting to Know Adobe Audition

Touring the Audition interface
Taking a closer look at the Editor panel
Customizing your workspace

2. Crash Course: Fixing Noisy Audio from Premiere Pro

Who should watch this fast track chapter?
Importing a Premiere project
Adding and editing audio clips
Adjusting and matching clip volume
Removing unwanted sounds
Exporting back to Premiere

3. Importing Media

Importing audio files
Importing video files
Sending a sequence from Premiere

4. Audio Terminology

Understanding frequency
Understanding amplitude
Understanding sample rate
Understanding bit depth

5. Editing Individual Clips with the Waveform Editor

Understanding the Waveform Editor
Adjusting clip amplitude
Setting clip levels with normalization
Editing with the clipboard
Undoing, redoing, and using the history

6. Cleaning and Repairing Audio

Using the spectral frequency display
Removing pops and clicks
Removing background noise
Removing a specific sound
Repairing clipped audio

7. Combining Clips with the Multitrack Editor

Understanding the multitrack editor
Creating a multitrack session
Editing clips
Fading clips
Matching loudness between clips
Adjusting clip levels
Adjusting track levels

8. Additional Multitrack Features

Using clip and track colors
Grouping clips
Adding markers
Stretching clips
Re-editing music with Remix
Creating computer-generated speech

9. Recording Audio

Setting up your input device
Recording audio in the Waveform Editor
Recording audio in the Multitrack Editor

10. The Essential Sound Panel

Using the Essential Sound panel
Essential sound adjustments for dialogue
Essential sound adjustments for music
Essential sound adjustments for SFX
Essential sound adjustments for ambience

11. Working with Effects

Applying effects in the Waveform Editor
Previewing effects
Effects in the Multitrack Editor
Using Compression Effects
Using filters and EQ effects
Using Reverb Effects
Using presets and favorites

12. Advanced Mixing with the Multitrack Editor

Understanding the mixer panel
Adjusting track levels in real time
Mixing multiple tracks with buses
Mixing effects with sends
Measuring with the Loudness Radar

13. Integration and Output

Send multitrack to Premiere
Saving your multitrack session
Export to Media Encoder
Exporting a session to OMF and XML


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