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lynda Articulate Storyline 360: Advanced Elearning

Video Introducing this tutorial

Advanced actions in Articulate 360
What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Build a Custom Storyline Template:
Create a custom color palette
Define the custom fonts for your template
Control the visual appearance of text elements
Customize the slide master with your design elements
Build a custom slide layout with placeholders
Create the remaining template slides
Save as a custom template to share with your team

2. Introduction to Variables:
Why use variables in elearning
Three types of variables in Storyline
Three-step process for using variables

3. Capture and Display a Learner's Name:
Create the text-entry field
Add a reference variable to display name
Confirm the name is correct
Use conditions to ensure the name is entered

4. Adaptive Branching Quizzes:
Create and customize the quiz slides
Add a results slide to track quiz scores
Create a hub slide to calculate learner scores
Add conditional branching based on learners' scores

5. Adaptive Branching Scenarios:
Create the scenario and custom variables
Duplicate the quiz slides and update variables
Display point totals for each scenario
Calculate the points and add the conditional branching

6. Choose Your Own Character:
Working with Content Library characters
Use variables to track learner choices
Create characters with custom states
Display a character based on a variable
Modifying the character poses
Production tips and tricks

7. Custom Navigation with Bookmarking:
Set up the custom menu with progress icons
Create placeholder scenes and slides with a home button
Create custom variables for each module
Add conditional triggers to record learner progress
Show additional feedback at the slide level

8. Compare Learner Answers with an Expert's Recommendations:
Create the scenario slide
Add a text-entry field to the slide
Set up the compare-contrast slide
Create the slider navigation

9. Randomizing Scenarios with Variables:
Create the random number variable
Add conditional branching
Randomize the course background
Randomize the course character

Next steps