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AR for iOS Developers: RealityKit and Reality Composer

Video Introducing this tutorial

2D and 3D images with Reality Composer
What you should know

1. A First AR App and Some Theory
Build an AR app with four lines of code
RealityKit basics

2. Create 3D Content
Introduction into Reality Composer
Build your first scene
Add behaviours
Working with USDZ files
Convert 3D OBJ files to USDZ
Your content in Xcode
Challenge: A solar system
Solution: A solar system

3. 2D Image Recognition
A planet detector app
Project setup
Image recognition with image anchors
Load content into your app
Handle user actions from Reality Composer
Trigger Reality Composer actions in code
Challenge: Solar detect
Solution: Solar detect

4. 3D Object Detection
How to scan 3D objects
An object detection app in five minutes

Next steps