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Applied Curiosity

Video Introducing this tutorial

The business case for curiosity: The greatest untapped human resource
Free-range versus applied curiosity

1. Preparing the Curiosity Mindset
What is the curiosity mindset?
Curiosity as a differentiator
Avoid curiosity killers

2. Build Your Curiosity Muscle
Find your trigger to elevate curiosity
Play "what if" to get closer to the truth about others
Illuminate information gaps

3. Peak Curiosity, a Tool for Influence, Sales, and Innovation
Use peak curiosity as a strategic tool
Peak curiosity for yourself for innovation and problem solving
Peak curiosity for others for sales and influence

4. The Four Curiosity Archetypes
What's your curiosity archetype?
Use curiosity archetypes to make projects more successful

5. Applying Curiosity to Data
Avoid data traps
Become data savvy

6. Questions to Work Smarter, Not Harder
Find your most valuable question (MVQ)
How to use the question contract

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