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Animating in 3ds Max: Constraints, Controllers, and Wire Parameters

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
The 3ds Max project structure
File gamma and unit handling
What is an animation rig?
The importance of pivot points in animation

1. Controllers
Understanding controllers
Accessing and working with controllers in the UI
Working with waveforms
Limit controller
The rotation and position list controllers: Part one
The rotation and position list controllers: Part two
Creating a reaction: Part one
Creating a reaction: Part two
Motion capture setup
Using motion capture
Using the Spring controller

2. Constraints
Constraints explained
Using LookAt
Adding to a path
Forming an attachment
Creating a link
Handling orientation
Controlling position

3. Wire Parameters
Wire parameters explained
Wiring example one
Wiring example two
Wiring example three

What's next

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