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Angular: API Communication and Authentication

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using exercise files

1. Getting Started

Overview of the Angular CLI
Architecture of an Angular + Node application
Database setup using mLab
Seeding a database

2. HTTP in Angular

GET route for the API
POST route for the API
Using @angular/http to retrieve contacts, part 1
Using @angular/http to retrieve contacts, part 2
Creating a new route for adding a new contact
Using ngForm for form submission
Writing the onSubmit() function

3. Creating an Angular Service for API Communication

API service with a central request function
Wrapper functions for GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE
Refactoring HTTP calls to use the API service
Central error catching

4. Adding JWT Authentication to the Node Express API

JWT (JSON Web Token) overview
Using Express Router
User login and generating JWTs
Authenticating requests and validating JWTs

5. UI Communication with the API and Authentication

Auth service for local JWT management
Implementing a user login
Sending JWTs to API requests
Logging out of the application
Preventing route access without authentication


Next steps