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Angular: Animations

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before taking this course
Using the exercise files

1. Getting Ready to Animate
How Angular animations work
Angular CLI Installation
Creating a new project
Project structure
Preview the project

2. Enabling Angular Animations
Verifying the animations package
Project module configuration
Application layout
Creating route view components
Configuring project routes

3. Angular Animation Basics
Preparing component interaction
Establishing stateful data
Triggering animation between states
Delay and easing functions
Stepped animation with keyframes
Parallel animation with groups
Animation callback functions

4. Advanced Angular Animation
Self-contained component animation
Writing reusable animations
Animation input parameters
Configuring router animation
Selecting items with a query
Using Stagger within an animation

5. Animating an Existing Interface
Video playback overview
Adding animation packages
Old animation cleanup
Creating Angular components
Component instantiation and data value translation
Animating the video title
Animating the playback overlay
Providing playlist motion

6. Package for Distribution
Building the project


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