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Android Development Essential Training: Manage Navigation and Events

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Work with Events

Explore the activity lifecycle
Trace lifecycle events with logcat
Handle View events in layout files
Handle events with Java objects
Handle events with lambda expressions
Handle View events with Butter Knife
Save state through configuration changes

2. Manage Navigation

Start activities with explicit intents
Send data to an activity
Send results back to a parent activity
Return results with an up button
Open other apps with implicit intents
Handle implicit intents with filters

3. Send and Receive Broadcast Messages

Receive system broadcast messages
Send and receive local messages
Send and receive messages with EventBus
Delay broadcasts with PendingIntent

4. Work with Menus and the Action Bar

Define the options menu with XML
Manage the options menu at runtime
Display menu items in the action bar
Display a popup menu

5. Add a Navigation Drawer

Add a navigation drawer to a layout
Handle navigation drawer menu events

6. Advanced Navigation Techniques

Remove activities from the back stack
Manage synthetic task stacks


Next steps