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Android Development Essential Training: Design a User Interface

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Define Screens with Layout Files

Load an XML layout file at runtime
View and ViewGroup components
Explore available View components
Units of measurement in Android
Use the design repository

2. Using ViewGroup Components

Apply parent and position constraints
Apply alignment constraints
Use constraint bias and ratio settings
Position views with constraint chains
Lay out views with LinearLayout
Lay out views with RelativeLayout
Add views to a ViewGroup with Java

3. Display Text Values

Manage string values as resources
Display strings with TextView
Manage text entry with EditText
Manage data entry with TextInputLayout
Display toast messages

4. Create Themes and Styles

Define and apply a style
Understanding material design
Configure material design theme colors
Use material design View components

5. Display Images

Display image resources
Display images from the assets directory
Manage image display with Picasso
Use XML files as graphical resources


Next steps