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Android App Development: Data Persistence Libraries

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files
Review the starting app

1. SQLite Basics

Overview of SQLite
Define a database table's schema
Define a Database SQLite open helper
Explore SQLite create table syntax
Execute create table statements
Create a database wrapper
Explore the ContentValues class
Insert data into a table
Insert data with a foreign key relation

2. SQLite Beyond the Basics

Inspect the database using a terminal
Inspect the database using GUI tools
Explore SQLite queries
Query data using a raw query
Parse cursors and display data in the UI
Delete records from a table
Create a schema migration

3. Working with Cupboard

Overview of Cupboard
Define a database schema
Insert data into a table
Introduction to converters
Store lists as JSON using converters
Query data and display in a RecyclerView
Update records in a table
Delete records from a table
Create a schema migration

4. Realm Basics

Introduction to Realm
Configure a Realm instance
Create a Realm object class
Insert data into Realm
View your data with the Realm browser

5. Realm Beyond the Basics

Create relationships between objects
Explore Realm wueries
Query Realm objects
Display data in a RecyclerView
Explore Realm updates
Update Realm objects
Delete Realm objects
Explore Realm migrations
Create a schema migration


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