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Amazon Web Services: Data Security

Video Introducing this tutorial

About using cloud services
How to use the exercise files

1. Design Concepts for Security
AWS data security design concepts
Understand the AWS shared security model
Design using a data flow diagram
Use negative use cases
Design using a threat model

2. Design Security with AWS Services
Core AWS security services
Design security with IAM: Users and roles
IAM root account
Design security with IAM: Policies
Security with CloudWatch and CloudTrail
Design security for EC2 with Inspector
Design security for EC2 with WAF
Design security for VPC

3. Design Concepts for Encryption
Understanding encryption
Understanding encryption keys
Client-side vs. server-side encryption
Encryption at rest and in transit
Design PCI DSS requirements
Encryption concepts summary

4. Design Encryption with AWS Services
What is a customer master key (CMK)?
Design encryption with KMS
Understand KMS policies and key caching
Understand CloudHSM
Identify sensitive data using AWS Macie
Design encryption with S3 for files
Design encryption for RDS data
Design encryption for EC2 EBS volumes
Design encryption for IoT devices
Encryption with Certificate Manager

5. Security Scenarios and Tradeoffs
Third-party data security tools
AWS cloud compliance
Scenario 1: Public website security
Scenario 2: Data pipeline security
Scenario 3: Data lake security
Scenario 4: IoT application security
Summary of AWS security practices

6. Design for Disaster Recovery Services
Disaster recovery areas and metrics
Disaster recovery patterns for data
Recover EC2 with EBS and more
Recover data with AWS Import/Export
Extend backups via Storage Gateway
Recover DNS with Route 53
Disaster recovery practices

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