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AI in Fintech Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

How can AI help in financial tech?

1. The Changing World of Finance
What is Fintech?
Risk of disruption
Algorithmic trading and finance
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain
AI in business

2. AI and Finance
What is AI?
How does AI work?
Optimization and AI
The future of AI

3. Roboadvising and Online Lending
The new world of online investing
How roboadvising works
Roboadvising portfolios
AI and its coming role in roboinvesting
Alternative investments in online investing
Borrowing and lending with online P2P markets
Evaluating risk in P2P lending

4. Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Money
What are cryptocurrencies?
What is a cryptocurrency worth?
Financial valuation models for cryptocurrencies
Algorithmic trading of cryptocurrencies
Return performance of different cryptocurrencies
Blockchain, AI, and smart contracts

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