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After Effects Scripts & Tips: 1 Animation Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial


Course intro: Up your animation game, quick and simple
Using this course

1. Awesome Free Scripts

Installing and using scripts in after effects
Animation Composer: Plugin
Animation Composer: Extra scripts
Duik for better keyframing
Scale and rotate motion paths script
First Vertex toolkit script
Better layer & precomp organization withtrue comp duplicator & un-precompose scripts

2. Mograph Theory in Practice

The laws of physics and rules of animation
Easing motion with animation patterns script
Creating follow-through, overlap, and secondary action with Dulk
Animating squash and stretch
Continuous motion and overlapping action with Wiggle

3. Animation Quick Tips

Animating fast with Motion Sketch and Smoother
Linking animated properties with expression pickwhip
A better scale zoom with exponential scale
Creating camera shake

4. Common Problems and Quick Fixes

Fixing an anchor point
Quick timing adjustments with time-remap & duik morpher
Working around expressions in a project

5. Quick Projects

Quick stop motion style with Tickler
Multi-layer animated presets with layer library
Using the Puppet tool outside of puppets


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