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After Effects Guru: Color Grading Footage

Video Introducing this tutorial

How to use the exercise files
Moving from Final Cut Pro X to After Effects
Moving from Adobe Premiere Pro to After Effects
Using the Media Browser
Strategies to improve file naming and timecode

1. The Color Grading Workflow
Evaluating the shot
Fixing white balance
Fixing exposure and tone
Adjusting color
Applying enhancements

2. Essential Techniques
Using adjustment layers
Applying LUTs with the Lumetri effect
Saving presets
Strategies for tough white-balance issues
Comparing effects
Strategies for tough white balance

3. Fixing Exposure and Tone
Fixing exposure with levels
Fixing exposure and tone with curves
The use of auto adjustments to fix exposure and tone
The Shadow/Highlights command
Using the Black & White effect for contrast
Using the Equalize command
Fixing tone with the Lumetri effect
Reading the Lumetri Scopes panel for tone

4. Primary Color Correction
Fixing color casts with individual levels
Using the Color Stabilizer effect
Adding vibrance
Using photo filters
Fixing color cast with tint and white balance
Fixing color with primary color correction
Isolating color cast with the Lumetri effect
Using a reference color checker
Reading the Lumetri scopes for color

5. Secondary Color Correction
Creating spot colors with the Black & White effect
Using the Leave Color effect
Adjusting a single color with the Change Color effect
Adding masks and mattes to adjustment layers
Secondary color correction with the Lumetri effect

6. Black and White and Color Toning
Black-and-white conversion: Method one
Black-and-white conversion: Method two
Black-and-white conversion: Method three
Creating duotone effects
Enhancing with the Colorama effect
Creating custom gradients

7. Finishing Touches
Creating a film look
Adding a power window
Adding texture
Using the creative controls in the Lumetri Color effect