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After Effects Guru: Animating Typography

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Understanding the Emotions of Animation
Dissecting high-energy animation
Exploring clean animation techniques
Understanding the anatomy of accents and highlights

2. Essential Aesthetic and Technical Principles
Choosing type for legibility
Understanding read times and screen position
Creating visual hierarchy for faster understanding
Cleaning up type-heavy graphics
Animating colors for legibility

3. Working with Text Animation Presets
Working with existing presets (and visually browsing)
Customizing and retiming an animation
Building animation properties from scratch
Refining the animation

4. Creating High-Energy Animation
Creating controlled chaos with type animators
Animating cameras for dynamic simulation
Building glows, blurs, and highlights
Building tension

5. Creating Clean, Simple, and Smooth animation
Creating subtle accents with duplicate layers
Creating smooth camera animation
Enhancing with textures and CINEMA 4D Lite

6. Animating Multiple Lines of Type
Building a detailed credit roll
Accenting key words
Multiline dynamic moves with cameras and type animators
Using multiple animators and refining your animation

Wrapping up