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After Effects & Element 3D: Animating a Scene with Water

Video Introducing this tutorial


Plugins you will need for this course
Project folder structure
Using the exercise files

1. The Showerhead 3D Mesh

Importing the showerhead 3D mesh
Adding a chrome material to the 3D mesh
Setting up the background image as a reflection
Attaching the mesh to a 3D null

2. Creating a Single Water Stream

Creating a basic single particle stream
Adding randomness to the stream
Adding the final illusion of water
Connecting the stream to a 3D null
Exploring the ways of controlling the water stream look
Connecting the stream parameters with a single control layer

3. Creating the Full Water Stream

Positioning the stream in space
Duplicating the stream to one stream row
Creating the full stream

4. Animating the Scene Camera

Creating a camera and connecting it to a 3D null
Animating the camera

5. Introducing the Background

Adding the background image into the scene
Color correcting the background image

6. Adding Steam to the Scene

Creating the steam

7. Adding Haze to the Scene

Creating the haze displacement map
Applying the haze to the background

8. Adding the Depth of Field

Creating an AE camera DOF
Separating the background and showerhead DOF

9. Final Compositing Tweaks

Creating a light wrap effect for the showerhead
Adding final graininess

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