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Advanced Unity: 3D Game Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files
What you should know before watching this course

1. Basic Scripting
How scripts work in Unity
Your first script
Updates and Delta Time
Translate, rotate, and scale
Keyboard input
Mouse input
Linking scripts to the Unity editor
Combining the basics

2. Using the Debugger
The Call Stack
The Immediate window
More informative and visual debugging
Logging exceptions

3. Prefabs
Creating your own prefab system
An advanced prefab system
Storing and managing prefabs

4. Advanced Scripting
Events and messaging systems
Saving and loading games
Ray casting
Mini maps
Dynamic meshes
Extension methods

5. Dynamic Terrain
Procedural voxel terrain
Chunked infinite terrain
Modifiable voxel terrain
A midpoint displacement landscape

6. Creating Custom GUI Controls
Combo boxes
Rotatable GUI items
Progress bars
Message windows
Positioning GUI items over game objects

7. Networking
Master servers
Getting connected
Remote procedure calls
Simple chat clients
Synchronizing object transforms
Serializing and synchronizing states
Manual connections to the server

8. Optimization
Finding slow code
Nearest-neighbor search
Object pools
Update() overuse

9. Extending the Editor
Property drawers
Custom editor elements
Editor windows

Next steps