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Advanced Selenium: Automation Frameworks

Creating automation
Getting started: What you should know

1. Automation Frameworks
Creating automation frameworks
Choosing a Selenium framework

2. Ruby
Getting started with Ruby
Managing packages with Bundler
Installing Bundler gems
Introducing RSpec
Introducing Watir
Testing with Watir: Navigate and wait
Testing with Watir: Inputs
Testing with Watir: Assertions

3. Node.js
Getting started with Node.js
Managing packages with npm
Introducing Mocha and Chai
Introducing wdio
Testing with wdio: Navigate and wait
Testing with wdio: Inputs
Testing with wdio: Assertions

4. Java
Getting Started with Java
Managing packages with Maven
Introducing JUnit
Introducing Selenide
Testing with Selenide: Navigate and wait
Testing with Selenide: Inputs
Testing with Selenide: Assertions

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