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Advanced Scripting with Axure RP

Create realistic, interactive prototypes with Axure
What you should know

1. Widget Properties
Axure variables overview
Widget properties
This and Target
Example: Creating a moving hover effect
X and Y coordinates
Top, left, right, and bottom properties
Positioning with dynamic panels
Width and height
Example: Resizing a hover effect
Example: Creating a slider
Centering widgets
Widget text

2. Strings
String methods in Axure
String length
Searching strings
Case sensitivity in string searches
Truncating text strings
Truncating to the last four digits

3. Dates and Times
Now and GenDate
Formatting dates
Formatting dates from input fields
Using the current time
Formatting time
Adjusting dates
Example: Calculating future dates
Setting up a looping animation

4. Window Properties
Window width and height
Setting up a responsive background image
Positioning widgets in the browser
Window scroll properties
Creating a sticky header
Pinning and unpinning on a scroll
Parallax scrolling
Parallax effects with offsets
Parallax effects in dynamic panels

5. Repeater and Item Properties
Item properties and OnItemLoad
Using Item properties in OnItemLoad
Conditional cases in OnItemLoad
Item.isFirst and Item.isLast
Example: Calculating a total
Example: Moving widgets below a repeater
Repeater data count properties
Using dataCount to show a zero state
Positioning a drop-down with Item.index

6. Global Variables
Global variables
Example: Customizing based on login

7. Adding Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Using plugins on Axure Share
Example: Adding CSS animation

8. When Things Go Wrong
Troubleshooting using the console

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