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Advanced Linux: The Linux Kernel

Using the exercise files
Prerequisites and takeaways
What is the Linux kernel?
Where's the kernel?

1. Surveying the Linux Kernel
Discover and control hardware
Understand system call mechanics
Read messages from the kernel
Use the /proc and /sys filesystems
Challenge: Hardware, system calls, messages, proc, and sysfs
Challenge solution
Challenge solution, part 2

2. Booting
Understand the bootloader GRUB
Configure GRUB
Identify and use the kernel command-line parameters
Configure run levels and targets
Debug initramfs images
Challenge: Configure GRUB and the targets and customize the initramfs
Challenge solution

3. Working with Loadable Kernel Modules
Introduction to the loadable kernel modules (LKMs)
Find the LKMs
Use LKM commands
Identify how LKMs work
Challenge: Work with the LKMs
Challenge solution

4. Examining Linux Kernel Source Code
Get the kernel source
Explore the kernel makefile
Examine and build kernel documentation
Search the kernel source
Examine kernel driver source
Examine additional selected subdirectories
Challenge: Work with the Linux kernel source code
Challenge solution

5. Configuring and Building a Linux Kernel
Configure the kernel using make menuconfig
Configure the kernel using make xconfig
Explore kernel config files
Build and install modules and the Linux kernel
Challenge: Configure, build, and install a new Linux kernel and LKMs
Challenge solution