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Advanced Lead Generation

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Identifying Your Leads and Defining Your Sales Funnel

Define your leads
Identify your funnel stages
Create lead hand-off rules

2. Developing Your Lead Generation Strategy

Define your key goals and metrics
Decide between a lead or account-based strategy
Decide between LBM and ABM
Lead generation plan, part 1
Lead generation plan, part 2
Build your lead generation team
Align organizational stakeholders
Choose your lead generation technology

3. Generating Leads with Inbound Marketing

Build content to attract your leads
Optimize your website for lead generation
Website testing
Develop a blog that generates inbound leads
Generate leads with social media
Create an SEO strategy to maximize traffic
Leverage industry influencers

4. Targeting Your Approach with Outbound Marketing

Use paid ads to target your key buyers
Tracking your ad performance
Increase visibility through in-person events
Increase visibility through virtual events
Event promotion
Email marketing to accelerate leads to customers
Vendor sponsored email marketing to grow your list
Target the right buyers with content syndication
Create a personalized experience with direct mail
Work with inside sales to qualify your leads

5. Measuring and Testing Your Lead Generation Programs

Test and optimize your campaigns
Measure your lead generation campaigns
Marketing attribution reporting


Wrap up