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Advanced iOS Development: Working with APIs

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Introducing Data in iOS

Foundation network objects
Requesting data from an HTTP server

2. Working with JSON

Introduction to JSON
JSON parsing pipeline
Implementing JSON parse() and decode() functions
Decoding JSON
Decoding dates within JSON

3. Working with XML

Introduction to XML parsing
XML parse() function
Implementing XMLObjectDecoder
Testing out the XML parser

4. Paging Data

Introduction to paging data
Updating ProductListViewController
Loading data a page at a time
Loading the next page

5. Error Handling

Introduction to error handling
Validating a URL response
Testing error handling with a working server

6. Loading Images

Loading product images asynchronously
A table view cell image display bug
Refactoring network code to a web API
Caching image data


Next steps