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Advanced ASP.NET Web API 2.2

Building web APIs
What you should know

1. Dependency Injection in Web API
What is dependency injection?
Resolving dependencies with Unity
Configuring the dependency resolver
Scope of a dependency

2. Cross-Origin Requests in Web API
What is CORS?
Enabling CORS
Setting CORS origins and HTTP methods
Creating a custom CORS policy

3. Versioning APIs
Why API versioning?
Creating the first versioned controller
Route versioning
Query string versioning
Version header versioning

4. Web API HTTP Message Handlers
What is a message handler?
Creating a custom message handler
X-HTTP-Method-Override header
Adding a custom response header

5. OData in Web API
Setting up the environment
Configuring the OData endpoint
Creating the first OData controller
Setting up a database
Reading entities
Creating and reading a single entity
Updating and deleting an entity

6. Cookies in Web API
What is a cookie?
Setting and getting cookies in Web API
Cookies using message handlers

7. Web API Hosting
IIS hosting

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