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Adobe XD Essential Training: Design 2019

Take your design to the next level
What is Adobe XD?
What should you know?

1. Get Started with Adobe XD
UI overview
Design with artboards
Navigate the canvas
Open Sketch, PS, and AI files
Access incredible free UI kits
Square vs. layout grids
Layers and the selection model
The color picker
Linear and radial gradients

2. Design Mode Basics
Create and edit vector shapes
Pen tool and strokes
Point and area text
Work with masks
Bring images into shapes
Boolean operations
Copy and paste the appearance
Go faster with the Repeat Grid tool
Add images and text with Repeat Grid
Work with symbols and overrides

3. The Assets Panel
Add and manage colors
Add and manage text styles
Label and organize assets
Swap symbols
Link symbols across documents

4. Connect with CC Libraries
Creating CC Libraries
Consuming bitmaps from CC Libraries
Consuming vectors from CC Libraries

5. Responsive Resize
Resize elements responsively

6. XD Plugins
Find plugins to extend XD

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