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Adobe Captivate Prime 2016 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files

1. Create a Captivate Prime Account

Setting up an account
Customizing the account
Configuring email templates

2. Add Users

Adding internal learners
Creating a self-registration link
Enrolling external learners
Creating user groups

3. Badges, Skills, Gamification, and Feedback

Adding badges
Adding skills
Enabling gamification
Configuring L1 and L3 feedback

4. Create Modules and Courses

Uploading self-paced modules
Publishing Captivate modules to Prime
Creating a course
Enrolling learners
Creating multiple instances

5. Create learning programs, certifications, catalogs, and learning plans

Creating a learning program
Creating an internal certification
Creating an external certification
Creating and sharing catalogs
Creating a learning plan

6. Learner Dashboard

Learner experience
Completing a course

7. Learning Effectiveness

Retrieving L1L3 feedback
Viewing quiz score
Measuring course effectiveness

8. Reporting

Creating reports
Viewing reports
Creating and sharing boards
Subscribing for reports

9. Manager workflow

Responding to notifications
Viewing reports


Next steps

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