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Accessibility for Web Design

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know

1. Real World Scenarios
An ecommerce purchase

2. Accessible Visual Design
The use of color
Color contrast
Animation, movement, and flashing
Proximity and grouping in design
Effective visual focus indicators

3. Keyboard Interaction
Keyboard functionality
Avoiding keyboard traps
Linear flow of content

4. Touch Interfaces
Accessibility and touch
Target sizes
Working with gestures

5. Images and Multimedia Accessibility
Working with audio and video
Understanding media types
The importance of text equivalents
Accessibility for complex visuals

6. Form Accessibility
Labeling forms
The placeholder attribute
HTML5 form inputs
Form validation and error messaging

7. Flexibility and Accessibility
Flexible vs. fixed-width designs
Responsive design and accessibility
Designing for text resize

8. Structured Content
Content hierarchy and headings
The importance of page titles
Page structure

Next steps

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