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3ds Max: Substance to V-Ray


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
Working with a 3ds Max project folder
A note on gamma settings
HDRI environments
Scene setup

1. Overview of Substance Based Tools

What are substances and why should we use them?
The substance toolset
Choosing your substance workflow mode
Using substance files in 3ds Max 2014 to 2018

2. Using Bitmap2Material inside 3ds Max

Loading the Bitmap2Material node into 3ds Max
Building your material
Swapping out the bitmap input
Creating bitmap output files

3. Working with Substances from Substance Designer

Overview of your material
Metal rough to V-Ray spec gloss conversion
Exporting a substance from Designer
Using the substance with 3ds Max and V-Ray
Improving your substance results
Augmenting a substance using Max nodes
One final tweak
A nice little surprise

4. Working with Maps from Substance Designer

Exporting the map types
Using the 16-bit spec/gloss maps in V-Ray
Using the 8-bit metal/rough maps in V-Ray
Setting up a custom output

5. Exporting Maps from Substance Painter

Overview of your material
Exporting your map types
Exporting PSD files
Using the JPEGs in V-Ray
Using the flattened PSD in V-Ray
Creating the grass with VRayFur
Final render settings


What's next?