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3ds Max: Character Rigging

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Set Up
Prepping the model for rigging
Setting up layers
Naming schemes

2. Creating Skeletons
Drawing the leg chain
Adding bone fins
Mirroring the leg chains with bone tools
Positioning the hip bone
Drawing the spine
Positioning arm bones
Creating hand skeletons
Mirroring arm skeletons

3. Creating Leg and Foot Controls
Positioning the foot control splines
Setting up inverse kinematics (IK) chains
Rigging the heel and toe controls
Rigging the main foot control
Controlling knee direction

4. Creating Hip and Spine Controls
Configuring the main control
Setting up the spine
Head and neck controls
Creating shoulder controls

5. Creating FK/IK Controls
Creating control skeletons for the arm
Constraining the control skeletons
Setting up the forward kinematics (FK) skeleton controls
Setting up the IK skeleton controls
Wiring up the FK/IK switch
Making controls appear and disappear

6. Rigging Hands
Setting up the wrist control
Setting up finger FK controls
Getting the fingers to curl
Creating a control pane using attributes
Controlling finger spread
Rigging the thumb

7. Skinning Characters
Applying the Skin modifier
Adjusting envelopes
Fine-tuning vertex weights
Advanced weighting tools
Mirroring weights

8. Face Rigging
Understanding morph targets
Setting up a single-axis slider
Wiring parameters to control blinks
Setting up multiple-axis controls
Connecting parameters using Reactor
Creating a jawbone
Skinning the head
Controlling the jawbone
Controlling eye direction
Finalizing the face rig

Next steps