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lynda 3ds Max and Twinmotion: Architectural Visualization

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Create real-time visualizations with 3ds Max and Twinmotion
Using the exercise files

1. Understanding Twinmotion :
The Twinmotion interface
Preferences and quality
Navigation in Twinmotion
Selecting and manipulating objects
Twinmotion's Scene Graph

2. 3ds Max Files into Twinmotion :
Preparing your 3ds Max file
Correcting UV mapping
Exporting to FBX
Importing into Twinmotion

3. Working with Materials :
Applying materials to objects
Modifying materials
Material libraries

4. Adding Details :
Adding objects and vegetation
Using vegetation paint
Using vegetation scatter

5. Lights, Cameras, and Weather :
Environmental lighting and backgrounds
Adding lights
Configuring reflections

6. Final Output :
Create and export images
Create and export video
Creating presentations
Phasing in Twinmotion

Conclusion :
Next steps