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31 Music Business Tips for Songwriters

Do more with the business side of your music
Build your songwriting business

1. Organization
Staying organized in the music business
Finalize your lyric sheets
Learn how to embed metadata
Learn how to email a link to a song
Set up a regular place to write
Schedule a regular time to write

2. Song Demos
Demystify the song demo process
Decide which songs to demo
Research demo studios
Schedule your demo

3. Marketing
Marketing is essential
Set up your social media accounts
Learn how to make a lyric video
Look for a pitch opportunity for one of your songs
Pitch one of your songs
Follow up on your song pitches
Think outside the box for your song pitches
Join a pitch organization

4. Networking
Organic networking
Research music conferences to attend
Find local writers' nights
Start a writers' night
Join a songwriting organization
Start a songwriting organization
Join a songwriting group of your peers
Start a songwriting group of your peers
Reach out to a new cowriter

5. The Music Industry
Navigate the music industry
Read a music business book
Schedule a songwriting consultation
Make a list of publishers you want to meet
Research signed songwriters and their hits
Research recording artists and their labels
Find out who's looking for songs
Join a performing rights organization (PRO)
Register your songs with your PRO

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