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2D Animation: Tips and Tricks

New This Week
Pose-to-pose animation


Previous Tips
Loosen the joints
Loosen the body
To twin or not to twin
Head articulation
Physics: Falling
Creating staggers
Cartoony male mouth shapes
Realistic male mouth shapes
Pose-to-pose wipes
Zipping off screen
Cartoony female mouth shapes
Realistic female mouth shapes
Bird beaks
Stylized mouth shapes
Elderly mouth shapes
Breakdown basics turns
Breakdown basics reactions
Breakdown intermediate
Breakdown advanced
Thumbnail basics
Thumbnail intermediate
Thumbnail advanced
Fabric creases
Drag basics
Capes: Basics
Capes: Intermediate
Capes: Advanced
Flour sack
Pantomime advanced
Object design
Objects Moving
Hair Basics
Hair Intermediate
Hair Advanced
Ball bounce
Fast Bite
Wipes Blurs
Change expression
Timing basic
Timing intermediate
Timing Advanced
Texture Basic
Texture - advanced
Traditional animation process
Realistic construction
Cartoony construction
Eyeballs - cartoony
Eyebrows - cartoony
Eyeblinks - cartoony
Eyes - realistic
Center mass
Overcoming fear
Overcoming mental blocks
Avoiding burnout
The mystery of appeal
The wheel of fortune
Relationships matter
Interpreting dreams
Animating tails
Cheating transforms
Model sheets
Moving Hold
Moving Hold Advanced
Jumping with a push
Push objects
Old styles: 1920s rubber hose intro
Old styles: 1920s rubber hose scene
Old styles: 1920s rubber hose post
Loosen with a reversal
Opposing actions
Follow through
Leading actions
Overlapping large characters
Drawings, frames, and exposures
From rough drawings to cleanup
Cell painting to DIP
Color model
Shaky walk
Camera shots
Aspect ratios
Looney Toons: Intro
Looney Toons: Technical
Looney Toons: Animation style
Looney Toons: Walks and runs
Looney Toons: Scene
Looney Toons: FX explosion
Bouncing ball
Opposing action: Basic
Opposing action: Intermediate
Opposing action: Advanced
Counterpose: Basic
Counterpose: Advanced
Overlap: Introduction
Overlap: Advanced
Perspective: Introduction
Perspective: Intermediate
Plotting arcs
Figure 8s
Types of shots
Camera moves
Shot transitions
Staging: Introduction
Staging: Advanced
Line of action
Breaking a single joint
Breaking joints in a walk cycle
Plotting arcs and timing in a walk
Exaggerating the face
Exaggerating the body
Exaggerating acting
Anticipate and overshoot the head
Primary, secondary, and tertiary actions
Create personality with leading actions
Squashing the face for chewiness
Squashing bodies for animal runs
Reversing the line of action
A stretchy jump
Introduction to anticipation
Plotting character arcs
Leading actions on walks
Fast transitions
Breaking down a turn
Introduction to accents
Advanced stagger
Squash and stretch
Examples of counterpose
Straight-ahead animation