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lynda 21-Day Creative Exercise Desk Challenge

Video Introducing this tutorial

Be more creative in 21 days

1. 21 Daily Desk Challenges:
Day 1 challenge: Desk monster
Day 2 challenge: Carnival ride
Day 3 challenge: Board game
Day 4 challenge: Catapult
Day 5 challenge: Self-portrait
Day 6 challenge: Race car
Day 7 challenge: Spaceship
Day 8 challenge: Reflection
Day 9 challenge: Three-chapter story
Day 10 challenge: Pirate ship
Day 11 challenge: Sky tower
Day 12 challenge: Obstacle course
Day 13 challenge: Steampunk insect
Day 14 challenge: Golf hole
Day 15 challenge: Shadow puppet
Day 16 challenge: Before and after
Day 17 challenge: Day-in-the-life clock
Day 18 challenge: Joust
Day 19 challenge: Musical instrument
Day 20 challenge: Bridge to nowhere
Day 21 challenge: Rube Goldberg machine