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Wireless Networks, IoT, and Mobile Devices Hacking (The Art of Hacking Series)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Introducing Wireless
Lesson 2: Wireless Client Attacks
Lesson 3: Building Your Lab and Attack Hardware
Lesson 4: Aircrack-ng
Lesson 5: Cracking WEP
Lesson 6: Hacking WPA
Lesson 7: Performing Wireless Reconnaissance
Lesson 8: Evil Twins and Rogue Access Points
Lesson 9: Attacking Bluetooth
Lesson 10: Attacking NFC
Lesson 11: Wireless Defenses
Lesson 12: Hacking IoT Devices
Lesson 13: Mobile Device Security
Lesson 14: Hacking Android Devices
Lesson 15: Hacking iOS Devices