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Salesforce for Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Salesforce for Developers: Introduction

Lesson 1: Getting Started on the Platform :
Learning objectives
1.1 Review the different types of Salesforce organizations (licenses)
1.2 Sign up for a developer organization
1.3 Explore the user interface
1.4 Review platform-development options
1.5 Select an IDE
1.6 Understand the developer console

Lesson 2: Discovering Database Essentials :
Learning objectives
2.1 Get familiar with the data model
2.2 Store data
2.3 Retrieve data

Lesson 3: Using Apex for Business Logic :
Learning objectives
3.1 Understand Apex
3.2 Explore special considerations for triggers
3.3 Understand governor limits

Lesson 4: Customizing UI with Visualforce :
Learning objectives
4.1 Create a Visualforce page
4.2 Use standard controllers
4.3 Utilize standard set controllers
Lesson 5: Building Advanced User Interfaces: Visualforce w
Learning objectives
5.1 Write your own custom controllers and extensions
5.2 Understand Apex Scope Control
5.3 Implement JavaScript
5.4 Use external resources

Lesson 6: Incorporating Advanced Business Logic :
Learning objectives
6.1 Learn about asynchronous processing
6.2 Send emails
6.3 Understand Dynamic Apex
6.4 Leverage Custom Settings

Lesson 7: Integrating External Systems :
Learning objectives
7.1 Call out from Salesforce
7.2 Call into Salesforce
7.3 Parse responses

Lesson 8: Understanding Test Coverage :
Learning objectives
8.1 Get familiar with test coverage
8.2 Write test coverage
8.3 Explore advanced test coverage

Lesson 9: Getting Started with Lightning Components :
Learning objectives
9.1 Get familiar with Lightning Components
9.2 Build a standalone Expense Tracking Lightning app