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LPIC-1 (Exam 101) Linux Professional Institute Certification ( 2 Parts )

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Understanding the File System Layout in the FHS
2 Knowing the Location and Purpose of Important Files and Directories as Defined in the FHS
3 Finding Files and Commands on a Linux System
4 Using Single Shell Commands and One-line Command Sequences
5 Using and Modifying the Shell Environment
6 Using and Editing Command History
7 Invoking Commands Inside and Outside the Defined Path
1 Using Streams, Pipes, and Redirects
2 File Viewing Commands-2
2 File Viewing Commands
3 File Formatting Commands
4 File Processing Commands
5 Understanding vi
6 Editing Text Files with vi
7 Using Regular Expressions to Work with Text Files
8 Searching Text Patterns with grep
1 Copying, Moving, and Removing Files
2 Using Wildcards
3 Other File Management Tools
4 Creating Backups
5 Analyzing and Extracting tar Backups
6 Understanding Links and Inodes
7 Managing Hard and Symbolic Links
1 Running Jobs in Foreground and Background
2 Sending Signals to Processes
3 Monitoring Processes with top
4 Selecting and Sorting Processes with ps and Related Utilities
5 Understanding Process Priority
6 Changing Process Priority
1 Allocating Filesystems and Swap Space
2 Tailoring the Design to the Intended Use of the System
3 Ensuring the _boot Partition Conforms to the Hardware Architecture
4 Understanding Basic LVM Features
1 Understanding GPT and MBR Differences-1
1 Understanding GPT and MBR Differences-2
2 Managing MBR Primary Partition Tables with fdisk
3 Managing Logical Partitions with fdisk
4 Basic Knowledge of gdisk and parted with GPT
5 Creating Filesystems
6 Verifying the Integrity of Filesystems
7 Monitoring Free Space and Inodes
1 Understanding Filesystem Mounts
2 Mounting Filesystems - LPIC-1 (Exam 101)
3 Configuring Filesystem Mounting on Boot
4 Configuring User Mountable Removable Filesystems
5 Understanding Disk Quotas
6 Managing Disk Quotas
1 Understanding Linux Users and Groups
2 Understanding File Ownership
3 Understanding rwx Permissions
4 Managing Access Permissions on Regular and Special Files and Directories
5 Understanding Special Permissions
6 Using Access Modes such as SUID, SGID, and Sticky Bit
7 Modifying the File Creation Mask
1 Understanding Packages and Meta Package Handler
2 Understanding Variations in Linux Software Management
3 Installing, Reinstalling, Upgrading, and Removing Packages Using RPM and YUM
4 Obtaining Information on RPM Packages
5 Understanding Debian_Ubuntu Package Management
1- Performing Basic Tasks from a Shell Environment
2- Processing and Working with Text Files
3- Performing Base File Management Tasks
4- Managing Processes
5- Design Hard Disk Layout
6- Creating Partitions and Filesystems
7- Common Filesystem Management Tasks
8- Managing Permissions
9- Managing Software
Part 1- Essential Skills
Part 2- Administration Tasks
Summary -1
Summary -2